8 Sureshot ways to find a right co-founder for your start-up

One of the most difficult task almost each and every start-up founder experiences is identifying the right co-founder that can take a start up to the next level keeping in mind vision and mission of it. But this task is really not an easy one, you need to regularly network with people who may the same beliefs as yours or are from different background. Every founder need to be cautious in choosing the right co-found for their start up because that’s base of a start up to see itself going to next level as a team.

We will see below 8 sureshot ways that may help you to choose a right co-founder for your start-up that can understand your vision statement and take it to the par level:-

1. Identify your strengths and weaknesses deeply

It is really important to do self-evaluation about the strengths and weaknesses in order to identify a right co-founder that play a key role in strengthening your start-up even if you are weaker at those side. When identify all of them you get a clear vision of a person that may be the best suit for your start up. Remember, when we say that you need to select a co-founder who can feel-up your weaknesses does not mean that you remain on the same level. But, you need keep up your pace so as to match the intelligence level of each other.

2. Foresee their passion, ethics towards making it big

This is one of the most important aspect every founder need to check while selecting the suitable co-founder. If a founder acknowledges equal ethics as self then it’s really a better sign of growing up together with one vision. Also, it is equal important to look for his passion towards the work and innovations. Find out how passionate is he about taking up challenges and identifying problems to solve in a unique manner.

3. Be a good friends to each other before starting

It is vital to have a strong bonding with each other to work as one. So, begin with being a good friend then just formal relationship. Spend some time during lunch, casual walks or maybe go for outing at some places. This way the relationship that will be build up will make sure that any challenges come under way will be solved with mutual understanding and brainstorming.

4. Finding your co-founder through different platforms

You can always search and connect with like-minded people either on LinkedIn, AngelList or similar sites where can actually bunch of passionate people whose passion, interests match with yours. First, search for the people from a specific industry and list out them. Thereafter, connect with each of them one by one to know more about them or meet them during some events and talk about their upcoming plans. This way you can easily make out how well a person is in planning.

5. Post your job on different platforms with precise requirements

With the vision and mission for your start up in mind prepare a detailed job description where you express each and every point that you expect from your co-founder. Never keep anything aside or neglect but instead be very open when expressing anything that you are looking for.

6. Check for the emotions in a co-founder

It is very important to know about him/her in terms of emotions. Be it quality of helpfulness and whether egoistic or not? Here, you need to take utmost care about identifying the partner whether the person is egoistic or at times is ready to keep aside all ego and work as team. If co-founder that you are selecting have rigid character remember it will be very difficult in the coming future to handle the tough situations.

7. Think your partner for longer period of time

Another important aspect to consider is about long-lasting togetherness for the benefit of the start-up. Think twice before assigning co-founder on board because it will never possible for you to keep any eye on each and every detailed work his/her. There will be times where the co-founder may have to take decisions after having very short discussions with you, so during that time you need to make sure that the person is capable, likely to think as you think.

8. Reality check is the biggest tool

Remember, before assigning any of the co-founder why don’t you test co-founder for a specific situation? This way you will come to know the tendency with which he/she can deal with problems or issues prevailing right ahead of the start-up. It is important that your co- founder must a rock star that can lead the start up and take it to impressive level at which level you want to see. When you check the skillsets through past records or through practical implementation you are sure to identify every small qualities within the co-founder.

These are some of the finest ways to identify a right co-founder for your start-up and welcome him/her on board.