Marketing Consultancy

Since our entry into the market, we have been providing assistance to all size of companies to maximize their use of digital communications. We provide a conducive environment to start-ups to expand their business online with our digital marketing skills. We are ROI focused company and work closely with you to determine your marketing goals and objectives in a clear way.
Depending on your unique marketing requirements, we can also develop customized digital marketing plan which meets your specific needs. The talented pool of experts at our company work with an integrated and holistic approach, which helps you to enhance and maximize your web presence, while providing you with excellent online results.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing consultants offer valuable assistance and support to clients by helping them to deal with various challenges by developing well-planned digital marketing strategy. Besides this, our consultants will implement the best strategy and monitor the performance so as to help clients in maximizing their ROI in the best way. A systematic audit is carried from our side to understand the effectiveness of client’s current digital strategies. Based on this, we prepare an effective strategy, which is targeted to fetch our clients with increased web traffic, ROI and conversions.

Digital Advertising

We help our clients to expand their business, enhance their online presence and help them to be found online easily by customers. With our effective digital advertising strategies, we will help you to be easily reach your potential customers. We will display your ads and promote your brand effectively and increase your web presence, where it is relevant and is sure to reap great results. Through targeted paid ads & marketing campaigns, we will help you to find potential customers, who are in search of products/services, you sell.

Online Market Research

We provide you with comprehensive market research regarding latest market trends and informative guidelines on how to frame effective business strategies. We collect and present relevant data to you, which proves helpful to you in elevating your brand and its presence. Our team carries out extensive market research to get a detailed understanding of your industry and competitors. Our research will help you to create an effective marketing strategy and execution, before you start implementing your digital marketing process.


The proven SEO strategies followed by JD Consultancy will help your website to rank high in search engines. We build engaging and SEO-friendly websites, which will let you reach your potential customers and help you do great business online. The solutions provided by us boost your web rankings and improve your business performance too. Our affordably priced SEO packages includes everything you require to make achieve, improve and maintain an effective web presence.

Social Media Marketing

We have team of social media experts, who will help you in achieving your specific business objectives, identify target audience, creating SEO-friendly and engaging content. Our experts will integrate your social media channels with all the vital aspects of your online presence to give you effective results. We also develop customized SMM strategies designed for your brand and target audience. You can expect from us an end-to-end social media strategy and execution for your business.

SEM / PPC / Paid Search

Our experienced and certified SEM experts will help you to strategize, execute and optimize search engine marketing campaigns to ensure that you get nothing less than best ROI. Our SEM marketing efforts comprise of analyzing vital factors namely intent of search by your target audience, changing dynamics of search engines and search patterns & keyword relevancy to give desired results. We can manage the whole SEM process for you by promising great results and increased ROI.

Want to rule the online world? Come to us, for it and boost your web business by gaining great visibility, increased web traffic and everything in between. Call us today.